Tools & Materials You Will Need

  • Skill saw or hand saw
  • Hammer or screwdriver
  • Construction adhesive
  • Caulk
  • 8—2 to 2 ½” cupped head screws or nails
  • 8—1 ½” cupped head screws or nails
  • 100% acrylic latex paint

Always use good construction practices. Always wear safety goggles and gloves when using power tools.

Note that the column is supported by the 4×4 pressure treated post. The outer decorative shell must not carry any load.

  1.  Measure the height of the installation area (from floor to header or ceiling) for total installation height
  2.  Take the adjustable base off the column shaft.
  3.  Cut the PVC Column shaft 4” (four inches) less than the total height of the installation height.
  4.  Cut the pressure treated 4×4 to the exact total height of the installation.
  5.  Replace the base back onto the column shaft.
  6.  Liberally apply construction adhesive to the bottom of the 4×4 post and the floor area of installation
  7.  Place the column in the installation space.
  8.  Drop the adjustable base section flush to the floor.
  9.  Fasten base to shaft just below trim with two nails or screws (1 ½”) per side and countersink.
  10.  Fasten capital to the header/ceiling with a screw or nail—2” to 2 ½” and countersink.
  11.  Fasten flange of the capital through to the header/ceiling—insuring the fastener penetrates the header/ceiling at least 1 ½”— install two fasteners on each side of the column.
  12.  Countersink all fasteners and fill with caulk.
  13.  Finish with two coats high quality exterior 100% acrylic latex paint. Follow paint manufacturer’s instructions, For paint colors with a light reflective value of 54 or less. Use Vinyl safe paint.

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